About the Journal

The journal is published continuously since 2008, first under the name: “Zbornik radova” (ISSN: 1820-9165), and since 2011 under the name “Economics – Theory and Practice“. The first issue was published in 2008, and in 2009 and 2010 two issues were published (the total number of published issues under the name: “Zbornik radova” was five, considering the fact that the journal was then published twice a year). In April 2011 the name of the journal changed into “Economics – Theory and Practice“ and the decision was made that it is going to be published quarterly. Articles are published both in Serbian and English language, and the thematic areas are various, ranging from the economic theory and its application in practice to management and marketing, with an emphasis on competent and yet anonimous peer review for respective areas. All issues of both “Zbornik radova” and “Economics – Theory and Practice“ are kept in the Archive of the National Library of Serbia. . High visibility of papers published in the academic journal “Economics: Theory and Practice” has been permanently provided using the Science Citation Index and further enhanced by automatic re-indexation of metadata into DOAJ (the Directory of Open Access Journals) and full text in Google Scholar.

Publishing of this academic journal, “Economics – Theory and Practice“, aims at stimulating resarch, attracting a large number of researchers and academics, as well as a large number of readers and subsrcibers. For the past years, the editorial office of the journal has been dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of the journal. Our main mission has been to invite and gather our graduates around this journal and engaging them in more active international scientific and research work. In this way, our journal indirectly but significantly contibutes to the scientific achievements of our country. This type of a journal is completely in accordance with our accredited study programs at all three levels of studies and also the accredited scientific field.

The academic journal "Economics - Theory and Practice" has been categorized by the Committee for Economic Sciences of the Ministry of Science, Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia as M51.