Influencing factors on consumer behavior when purchasing apples


  • Radivoj Prodanović University of Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of economics and engineering management
  • Ljiljana Dimitrijević Visoka škola za poslovnu ekonomiju i preduzetništvo
  • Elqadini Mohamad El Bashir R.
  • Dragan Ivanišević Internacionalni centar za profesionalne studije (ICEPS)


purchase factors, consumer behavior, apple, production, placement


The aim of the study is to identify factors influencing consumer behavior when purchasing apples of different origins, in order to leverage them for promoting a preference for domestic production in marketing communications. Secondary research involves an analysis of relevant scientific and expert literature. Primary research was conducted using a quantitative method. For this purpose, a questionnaire was designed and distributed to consumers. The results indicate that domestic consumers prefer apples, as two-thirds of the respondents buy apples 1 to 3 times a week. Apples are most commonly purchased in large supermarkets and markets. Taste, freshness, impact on health, product quality, and origin are considered the most important factors influencing the decision to buy apples. Price, the presence of an organic certificate, as well as the desire to support local producers, have varying effects on consumers. Consumers who prefer imported apples often cite their better availability and appearance. Domestic consumers often lack sufficient knowledge about different apple varieties, and their choice is often made on the spot or the variety is not crucial in their purchase decision. It is possible to increase the share of domestic apples in the overall market realization primarily by raising awareness and highlighting the advantages of domestic apples. Similarly, improving availability in supermarkets and diversifying the assortment would deter a portion of consumers from choosing imported apples. These conclusions provide a basis for further consideration of strategies that could support domestic apple production within the consumer market.




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Prodanović, R., Dimitrijević, L., El Bashir R., E. M., & Ivanišević, D. (2023). Influencing factors on consumer behavior when purchasing apples . Ekonomija - Teorija I Praksa, 16(4), 82–99. Retrieved from



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